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Forthcoming Fall 2014: It Looks Worse than I Am, a new book of poetry from
What Books Press.  

Laurie will give a reading from this new book at the Ballard Branch of the Seattle Public Library
Thursday 11 December 2014 at 6 to 8 pm as part of the It's About Time Writers' Reading Series.*  View the schedule here.

*This presentation features Laurie Blauner, Caroline Albert and Dan Dembiczak,
  with a short lecture by Anca Szilagyi on the Writer's Craft.

Ballard Branch, Seattle Public Library
5614 22nd Ave. N.W.
Seattle, WA 98107

Laurie was interviewed by Emile Monte
in the Ballard News Tribune on
14 April 2014.  Read the interview here.

 Laurie Blauner

The author of seven books of poetry, three novels and a novella, Laurie Blauner received an MFA from The University of Montana. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in various publications, including The New Republic, The Nation, The Georgia Review, The Seattle Review, The New Orleans Review, Poetry, and American Poetry Review. She has received an NEA grant, King County Arts Commission, Seattle Arts Commission, Artist Trust, and Centrum grants and awards. Laurie Blauner lives in Seattle, Washington.


Other Lives, Owl Creek Press, 1984
Self-Portrait with and Unwilling Landscape, Owl Creek Press, 1989
Children of Gravity, Owl Creek Press, 1995
Facing the Facts, Orchises Press, 2002
All This Could Be Yours, Cherry Grove Collections, 2006
Wrong, Cherry Grove Collections, 2008

Figments (& other occurrences), dancing girl press, 2013

It Looks Worse than I Am, What Books Press, 2014


Somebody, Black Heron Press, 2003
Infinite Kindness, Black Heron Press, 2007
Instructions for Living, Main Street Rag, 2011
The Bohemians, Black Heron Press, 2013

Laurie’s Artwork

To see some of Laurie’s artwork, click here.
To see more of Laurie’s artwork, click here.

Sample poetry:

What your Body Holds Against You*

could be love in the right proportions. Don't confuse
form and content where a good sense of humor becomes

curves that make rooms loosen around her.
Look for a woman that listens to music

drifting over a lake, hovering like flies, or someone who will
watch the landscape emptied of azaleas under a setting sun.

By forty there is a sideshow of vanities:
the dragon breath you wake to, bones tossed

against your skin like waves, or the flesh that grows
where a waitress tucks her loose change. We measure

time with our lives, counting out the coins
year by year. We all become detectives of broken

hearts in off-season hotels where love and its accoutrements
wait by the roulette wheel for one chance at the big time.

*from Children of Gravity, Owl Creek Press, 1995


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